Welcome to Kishti Tomita

- Professional Voice Coach and Artist

Welcome to Kishti Tomita

- Professional Voice Coach and Artist

Music is my purpose in life and I use my music, my voice and my teaching to fulfill my aspirations and goals.
In my work I aspire to reflect the inner strength and goodness of my students and clients who has endorsed me with the gift of making a difference in their life.

I have discovered that with a purpose in life one constantly receives invitations to re-engage in the joy of life and finding oneself as a traveler in the journey of life.

In my work I offer voice lessons to advanced singers and beginners with techniques suitable for each level and within all styles for singing and performing.

I also offer artistic and creative development to find each artist personal style, voice preparation for recording and tours. For those in need, my specialty is to repair voices and I use rigorous no nonsense applicable breathing skills to achieve results. My teaching is multi disciplinary and I cooperate with therapists and physicians.

If you are a professional speaker or need to talk and speak well in your profession, or simply feel you can not express yourself as you would like to when speaking, I can as a voice coach give you the tools needed to develop your speaking voice.


Voice Coach

As a voice coach I can help you to bring forward your unique vocal qualities in your speech and your singing voice. As a voice coach I help you to develop:

  • your vocal color
  • your breath control and support
  • tone production and resonance
  • pitch control and musical intonation
  • diction and phrasing
  • your register
  • repair damages in your vocal chords


Voice Meditation

I offer meditation skills and have for the past 30 years developed a mediation that truly works for all. I have found it bestows everyone that practices it with mental, emotional and spiritual sustainability and mindfulness.

It is now my quest to make this mediation available for everyone; in fact it is my mission to make it a movement! Welcome to join in.

I offer mediation classes in Stockholm and can travel world wide to give classes. There is no limit to the size of the classes, I have given meditation classes with more than 50 participants.

Voice meditation will through the different sounds affect your jaw, tongue and internal organs. The voice meditation will also help you to relax and focus and to be more in tune with yourself.


About me, Kishti Tomita

I have received my education at New England Conservatory of Music in jazz composing and ear training. I have also studied for nine years with the Swedish voice specialist Ebba Nilsdotter and MD Lennart Silverstolpe.

I also work as an artist in collaboration with a string quintet.

For more information about me as an artist or vocal coach you can contact me by filling in the form below.


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